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In my store you will find an assortment of Vintage Chenille bedspreads, handmade vintage chenille quilts / throws, vintage pillows and handmade vintage chenille robes. You will also find a variety of vintage chenille quilting squares and vintage chenille fabric for you to create your own vintage chenille quilts, throws, clothes, stuffed toys and vintage pillow.


I offer heirloom quality handmade vintage chenille quilts I have made from various vintage chenille bedspreads. I only use high quality vintage chenille fabric for my quiltsI use a poly batting in the center and back them with a soft and cuddly flannel. I secure the batting around the edges and hand knot them with embroidery thread. Your handmade vintage chenille quilt will come to you freshly laundered and ready to use.

Some of these beautiful cotton chenille bedspreads I have transformed into great vintage pillows. Cabin Craft bedspreads are great to use for the more Victorian pillow look, while the soft and fluffy cotton chenille of the Hoffman bedspreads are great for the plush or shabby cottage pillow look. Some times it's fun to take a little bit of both worlds and combined to come up with unique and beautiful pillow. I make different sizes for different needs.

The handmade vintage chenille robe are one of a kinds. In my searches for vintage chenille I run across lots of 100% cotton spreads that I really can't use for for quilting, but make beautiful robes. I've started offering up some of my handmade robes from these vintage chenille bedspreads for you to enjoy hopefully as much as I do. To me there is nothing like having these soft and warm handmade vintage chenille robes wrapped around me.

I have also put together some vintage chenille fabric from various bedspreads and made vintage chenille quilt kits and vintage pillow kits in various colors & sizes. Your vintage chenille quilt kits will come with enough fabric to make your quit top. You add backing and batting. Your vintage pillow kits will come with enough vintage chenille fabric to complete your vintage pillow, both front and back. You add pillow. There are also vintage chenille quilting squares for you to mix and match to create your own style of vintage chenille quilts and vintage pillows.

There is a large assortment of vintage chenille bedspread fabric from Hoffman, Morgan Jones, Cabin Craft and other quality vintage chenille bedspread makers for you to choose from to create your own handmade vintage chenille quilts, vintage pillows, clothes, totes, toys..... Endless ideas!

These come in various sizestextures and colors.

You can also find a variety of vintage chenille bedspread fringe / trim here. These are great to use on pillows, clothes, lampshades & toys. There's different sizes, styles and colors to choose from for your creating needs.

I will also be listing vintage chenille bedspreads as I find them at Estate sale.

To find these beautiful vintage chenille bedspreads at Estate sales in great vintage condition is getting harder all the time. Some have been stored in old chests for years and have storage stains. Sometimes the stains come out, sometimes they don't. I offer vintage chenille bedspreads I can't bring myself to cut, even if they may have a flaw or two. They still display beautifully and would be a nice addition to your collection. I will list, if any, flaws they might have.

So, relax and browse around. If you would like more pictures of a certain item, just send me an email and I will gladly send you more pictures.


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