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On my searches for vintage chenille bedspreads, I run across alot

that I passed up because I really couldn't use them for my quilts.

Some I buy and offer them to you.

Well, while I was out one summer I ran across a simple spread I fell in love with

and envisioned it wrapped around me.

Thus began the search for another robe pattern.

After several practice robes and adjustments to tweak the pattern and some advice

from a good friend, I have come up with these beautiful, soft and snuggly 100% cotton robes.

No 2 alike and nothing like the ones you'll find in the store.

My robe sizes run -

Medium =  Fits up to size 16 comfortably

Small = Fits up to size 12 comfortably.

Will take special orders for larger size robes.

Because you really can't tell weather or not it will fit you till you try it on, I will take returns and refund

your money if there's a problem with the fit. I want my customers to be happy and return.

If you need one hemmed, I'll do it no charge, but if I have to cut several inches off the bottom,

it will not be returnable. I can usually turn up about 3" or so before I would need to cut any off. . . If your not sure. .  jxbnkjaXBankxh NCJKDNKWDNKN C CNWSNCXNNKNK KNC   EKIFCQNKCNDQANK


If you don't see one you like or are looking for a larger size, you can check out my friend site.

She makes this same style in medium & large. She also make a vintage style robe in small.

Just copy and paste the link -

Don't forget to check my home page for possible sales and discount codes!

Any questions, please contact me at

Make sure to add product name and/or number so I can help answer your questions.

Also make sure to check my home page for any sales or discount codes!!